The Living End The Living End
The Living End : Scott Owen

Chris Cheney - Vocals and Guitar | Scott Owen - Upright Bass and Vocals | Andy Strachan - Drums

Scott Owen    Band Position: Double Bassist, Backing Vocals

    D.O.B: February 14th 1975

    Original Location: Melbourne

    First Played Bass: 17 Years Old (previously played piano)

    Musical Influences:
Elvis Costello, Stray Cats, The Clash, Midnight Oil, Green Day, The Beatles, Joe Jackson, AC/DC

    Also Plays: Piano, Guitar and Drums

    Best TLE Show: AC/DC Melboune

Hobbies: Surfing

Colours: Red, White and Black

How Many D.Basses: 5 +

Other Info: Stands on Double Bass and plays on stage


"We may also bear witness to a pile of shit." - on Roll On after Interviewer asked if we may bear witness to a new chorus.
"Sydney's Shit, there's my quote."
"We were too. By the gay guy. "Oh Homer, you are the living end". That was pretty funny. I remember seeing it sitting in my house with my house mates and we all just sat there and went "Bwwwwahhhhhhh". It was like how much would people pay to have their name said in The Simpsons. Then Bart says it as well, just for the icing on the cake. Just at the end of the episode Bart comes out with it too. How good is that?" - The Living End were mentioned in The Simpsons."
"Drink up you bastard!" - Scott's advice to Andy on pre-stage nerves.

Live Setup

King doublebass + Regin & Meinal Basses
EMG Picups
2 x Ampeg 4 Pro Amps
1 x Ampeg 3 Pro Amps
2 x Ampeg 8x10 Speaker Cabinets
2 x Ampeg 2x10 Speaker Cabinets