10.50, 3 minutes till, till 11 I don't want the alarm again
9.30, 3 minutes till, on the way to work, not smiling

I know time to go and punch my card in
Today, just another day at eleven
Got to help, so much to tidy up, too much too soon

I want a day, where I don't have to get up
Sometimes I'm sick of being in a rut
I want a day, where I don't have to go to work
This low life job makes me feel like a jerk

So dirty, burnt fingers to the bone
Not fair to be left in this job all alone
No help, no credit for making this
Evil machine doesn't stop
Am I going to spend every day of my life Living this way NO WAY!

This is Scott’s ode to the classic tale of work blues.
Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to get up and trudge off to the factory.
As we all had jobs up until a few months ago, this song is easy to relate to.