Here it comes again
Don't let it pass you by like the city bound train
You know it's up to us
To lead the way and march toward victory
Standin' on the right side, who knows what's right?

Don't look now, seems like we're TRAPPED somehow
I'm not sure if we'll ever make it out of here alive
Don't look now, seems like we're TRAPPED somehow
Time is almost up, but the war has just begun

We're stuck inside a place
And soon we'll have to face the outside world...
The anger on the street
Begins to raise some heat, and we're almost out of time

This was basically a song written in humour about the
One Nation Party! I found it amusing when Pauline and
Co where touring around the country having meetings in
halls etc and afterward they couldn’t leave for fear of
being hit by tomatoes and the like.
Trapped by controversy and tomatoes!