Monday, a day like no other
Monday, was their last day
Some say, life is a struggle
Some say, life should be easy

One day, in a peaceful village
School day, in working DUNBLANE
ONE man, could change their whole world
One man, is all it took for...

No school today, it's just a memory

I don't wanna play on Monday
I don't wanna play on Monday
Pinned to my memory, not just another Monday
It seems like such a lie

Change of plans on a rainy day
A new lesson to be learnt today
Pack up your guns and your soldiers too
Because one sick mind depends on YOU...

Playin' quietly, along came destiny, I don't wanna play...

Monday was written about the Dunblane massacre -
the social worker who walked into the local primary
school and gunned down 16 children and a teacher.
What a senseless act. I just felt compelled to write a song about it.