I'm lying on my head, no I'm not in my bed
Just checkin' out the world from a different angle
That's what happens when you trip on your blindness
Always seems for some reason that it is happening to me

Why is it so, and why don't I know?
Why is it so, I can't see the obstacle in front of me

Christ, I'm falling down again, It happens to me now and then
I'm growing up yeah, growing up yeah
I won't let it fade away, I promise to be strong and brave
I'm growing up yeah, growing up yeah

Open up your eyes and maybe then you'll realise
The truth is in the thoughts you hold and not the obstacle in front of you

This song is all about stumbling through life and
learning from mistakes – falling over and getting
up and giving it another shot. Inspired yet?
I think that it’s a pretty good mixture of pop/ska/punk.
Basically it’s just a fast pop song.