Well we don’t need no one to tell us what to do
Oh yes we’re on our own and there’s nothing you can do
So we don’t need no one like you, to tell us what to do

We don’t refer to the past when showing what we’ve done
Our generation gap means the war is never won
The past is in your head, the futures in our hands

Cos I’m a brat – And I know everything
And I talk back – cos I’m not listening
To anything you say

And if you count to 3
You’ll see it’s no emergency
You’ll see I’m not the enemy
Just a Prisoner of Society

Every teenager feels like a prisoner of society
at one stage or another. It’s not
meant to be a big punk statement, just a bit of
social commentary shall we say. It’s my attempt
at writing a fast psychobilly tune with a general theme.