No rest for the wicked
No mercy for the rotten
Go create some madness

More coverage than the homeless
Your image here to stay
Your photo on the cover of
Your photo can't get enough

You and I, we read about it
We idolise the criminal mind
Is there a method in our madness?
And we fantasise of committing crimes
And so we remain

You're taken by the story
No escaping from the glory
Never to be forgotten
Now you're believin' in your press
You're not going anyway

Your Photo on the cover of
Your photo can't get enough


And so we remain
And so we became
History remains
History today

"I find it interesting when criminal figures like Manson, Chopper and
Gacy become celebrities within the society they were outcast from
in the first place. We love to read the front page exclusives and wonder what goes
on inside their minds."